About Counselling

What can counselling offer?

Counselling can help you see the wood for the trees!

As your counsellor I would be looking to explore together different ways in which you could deal with issues and situations in areas of your life that you are finding difficult, overwhelming or in some way stopping you from moving forward. My goal is for you to feel able to express how you are feeling and to feel heard in a confidential, unconditional, and non judgemental manner feeling comfortable and for the environment to feel safe.

If working with anger, our focus could be: managing the angry feelings and looking from where and understanding how they manifest.

Bereavement –  this could for example be the loss of: a person, a job, a limb or a home.

Having experienced sexual abuse as a child and/or as an adult you have noticed it still encroaches on you and your life.
When someone is raped/assaulted the feelings they are left with can vary from little self worth, lack of confidence, also there is a tendency to blame the self I believe counselling can help by offering the empathic safety of an unconditional, non-judgemental,confidential environment.

You are unique so how you will benefit will vary in comparison to another and the time scale will vary also. However although there is no expectation as such, my hope would be for you to feel changes from about the fourth session with regards to feeling valued and heard, and be able to trust the process of counselling and what it/I can offer you.